Two vegans win 1st Place at WABBA Amateur Grand Prix

No meat, no problem!

Vegan bodybuilder Karl Bruder destroyed the competition and took 1st Place in his category, Tall Men up to 180cm, at the recent WABBA Amateur Grand Prix.

Karl Bruder, vegan bodybuilder, takes 1st Place in his category

Miles Ludlow, also vegan, won 1st Place in the Grand Masters over 50s category and has been vegan for over 6 years. Prior to going vegan Miles was vegetarian.

Miles Ludlow, vegan bodybuilder

Karl went vegan 7 months ago and didn't lose any muscle - he actually gained muscle and brought his best ever package for this competition held on July 17th. He was leaner, better conditioned than ever before.

Karl Bruder - bigger than ever before

Karl was helped by his vegan coach - Josie Du Plessis, wife and coach of Mr Universe 2014 Barny Du Plessis. Josie was formerly UK's strongest woman and her experience helped ensure Karl was in his best condition.

Congratulations to both men who have now qualified for the WABBA Mr Universe 2016 competition on November 26th where they will compete against athletes from all over the world!

Athletes, especially bodybuilders, consume far more food than the average person - and as increasing evidence appears linking animal products, particularly red meat and diary, to a greater risk of contracting various diseases later in life more and more athletes are making the switch to a vegan diet. They find they can perform just as well, if not better - purely powered by plants. And it's better for their long-term health too.

Many vegan athletes have noted after going vegan they seem to recover faster after workouts. This may be because a nutrient-dense plant-based diet can fight the effects of oxidative damage and inflammation better than any artificial supplement.

Endurance athletes such as Brendan Brazier and Rich Roll, UFC fighter Nate Diaz, NFL defensive linesman David Carter and heavyweight boxing champ David Haye have all noted the power of a micronutrient-dense plant-based diet to speed up their recovery time and allow them to train more.

The overplayed "weak vegan" stereotype is dead and buried. Meat and dairy aren't necessary components of our diet, and increasing numbers of people are finding they (and the animals) are much better without it in their diet.

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