Starbucks finally launches Almond Milk in the UK!

After the success of Almond Milk in the US, launched six months ago, it's now finally available as an option for Starbucks customers in the UK.

Almond milk will be available to choose for ALL drinks on the Starbucks menu, and will be offered in every store across the UK.

It’ll join coconut and soya milk on the list of dairy-free options, so anyone avoiding cow’s milk will now have three alternatives to choose from.

With Brits drinking 55 million cups of coffee per day, this news is a big deal, and will help people replace their cow milk with a delicious cruelty-free option.

And it’s good news for anyone who always goes for a ‘skinny’ latte, too, considering a latte with almond milk contains 49% less calories, 38% less fat, and 47% less total sugars than a latte with semi-skimmed milk.

Starbucks is aware of the growing number of plant-based eaters and offered this great statistic when it began to carry almond milk: “More than half (58%) of all U.S. adults consume non-dairy milk, and almond-milk is the most popular option with 60% of the non-dairy market.”

As the cruel treatment of cows used in the dairy industry becomes common knowledge, the market will increasingly feel the effects of consumers’ compassionate choices. And consumers’ choices definitely make a difference.

In February Starbucks also debuted their first all-vegan breakfast option: steel-cut oats, quinoa, and chia seeds that have been soaked overnight in coconut milk and topped with almond slices and shaved coconut. Although this option is currently only available 600 New York locations, we anticipate a full roll out soon.

Meanwhile a popular London based coffee shop completely ditched dairy after watching a YouTube video.

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