Bacon sales slump by £123 MILLION just one year after cancer warnings in the UK

Brits bought 25.4million fewer packs of bacon last year

It's not just the dairy industry in big decline as it appears health conscious people in the UK have also taken notice of the 2015 report from the World Health Organisation linking processed meats to cancer and bought 25.4 million fewer packs of bacon this year.

According to trade magazine The Grocer sausage sales have also declined by £51million, and the magazine states this “suggests a significant behavioural change among consumers” who have been influenced by the links between meat and increased cancer risk.

The World Health Organisation report, published last October, warned processed meats were a potential carcinogen – adding to already existing consumer health concerns surrounding meat and heart disease.

Tulip marketing director Richard Esau told the magazine: “The WHO report has had an effect, as have generally changing consumer attitudes to meat."

Colleen Doyle, MS, RD, American Cancer Society managing director of nutrition and physical activity, stated, "We should be limiting red and processed meat to help reduce colon cancer risk, and possibly, the risk of other cancers." 

Image Credit: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

A carcinogen is a substance known to cause cancer. It's worth noting that just because you consume a carcinogen does not mean you will contract cancer. Our body has intrinsic defence systems to protect against damage caused by carcinogens.

Cancer occurs when our defence systems fail or are overwhelmed. So why keep stressing our defences by ingesting animal products that our bodies don't need?

There's no biological need for humans to consume meat, and many are realising this and enjoying the move to plant-based diets, completely eliminating animal products.

Image Credit: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

This year we've seen an increasing number of people reject meat and dairy and adopt fully plant-based diets, in fact, the numbers of those following vegan diets has grown by a remarkable 261% in the UK and vegan food sales have increased 1,500%

There are many reasons fuelling the rise in veganism, including increasing consumer-awareness of the barbaric practices of factory farming, and ease of access to more delicious vegan foods as companies expand their vegan ranges. It may also be because of growing awareness of the looming threat from antibiotic resistance caused by the meat industry, or the unsustainable environmental issues surrounding meat/diary production which were highlighted earlier this year in the report from leading investors to the 16 largest food companies.

Whatever the reason, there's no better time to go vegan. Why not start off 2017 with Veganuary - and try going vegan for the whole of January. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel without ingesting animal products and we're sure you'll discover so many new delicious foods you won't even want to go back to meat/dairy again.

You can also download our free Festive Vegan Recipe Book if you'd like some fresh ideas.

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