UPDATE: Cafe that ditched dairy now goes fully vegan!

A few days ago we broke the story of the cafe that watched a YouTube video and subsequently ditched dairy.

We're so happy to report The Field's Beneath cafe is now fully vegan, so no meat, fish, eggs or dairy will be served at the cafe.

The cafe is ranked as one of London's best coffee spots, and the menu also includes juices, baked goods, salads, sandwiches, and delicious-looking mushroom/lentil vegan burgers! It's located at 52A Prince of Wales Road, Kentish Town, London.

With consumers becoming more aware of the impact of the meat industry on the planet and the brutal methods used in rearing animals, we're hoping more businesses follow this example.

As the cruel treatment of animals used in the meat and dairy industries becomes common knowledge, the market will increasingly feel the effects of consumers’ compassionate choices. And consumers’ choices definitely make a difference.

Just like the large New York dairy company that recently completely ditched dairy and started selling their own plant-based milks instead.

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anne_mcguigan | Wed, 22nd Mar @ 4:48pm

According to a comment on their Facebook Page, The Fields Beneath Cafe, all of their menu was already vegan. Here is the quote: "everything on the menu is already vegan, except for the cow's milk which has 6 days left, then no more. " Respect to them.