London Cafe Completely Ditches Dairy After Watching YouTube Video

Owners of a popular London cafe have decided to completely stop using dairy and are displaying a notice prominently in their window explaining why.

The Field's Beneath Cafe is in Kentish Town, London, UK, and is ranked as one of the best cafes in London according to The text from the notice reads:


This is the last week we shall be buying, steaming and pouring cow's milk into our espressos. We have the following alternatives:


OAT milk will be charged at the same price as cow's milk, the others at 30p more as we've always done.

For three days from Friday this poster will be replaced with one explaining why. If you're not going to be here for it, search on YouTube for the following five minute video:


We didn't think it was either.

The video the notice refers to is "Dairy is Scary" by Erin Janus which has amassed over 1.6 million views accurately shows in detail how the dairy industry operates. Viewer discretion is advised - the dairy industry is not pleasant. That being said, anyone still drinking cow milk should watch the video and find out how it arrives in the bottle.

It's no wonder the dairy industry is in serious decline.

We're also very happy to report the BBC has just released a film called 'Carnage: Swallowing Our Past' set in the year 2067, showing a world in which the UK has become a vegan utopia, and all the events that led up to it.

This article is another example of the plant-based revolution that Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicated last year. Meanwhile people are also ditching whey protein powders in favor of plant-based protein powders, which have seen a significant increase in sales, and new research helped conclude that plant-based protein was best for building muscle.

21st March Update: The cafe has now gone fully vegan!

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Lizzie Birkett | Mon, 20th Mar @ 10:08am

If you use Oatly for Baristas your customers will be flocking at the door! It's yummy. My none veggie hubby won't have anything else in his coffee now! 😊❤️

veganbodybuilding | Thu, 23rd Mar @ 7:37pm

Oatly is great! ❤️

SiSi66 | Tue, 21st Mar @ 5:18pm

I always get upset when Coffee Shops offer soy milk that is making the coffee sweet. Most times, they say it's unsweetened or 'mildly sweet', and when I check, mostly now they use 'professional' soy milk (it can be handled hotter), and it always contains apple juice as a sweetener. Why???? Most places find the question absurd why they use sweetened soya milk. But I LOVE UNSWEETENED coffee. Very annoying. Two places in Abingdon and a few in Oxford have now switched to unsweetened. FABULOUS!! Want sweet coffee? Put sugar in.

natalka2577 | Wed, 22nd Mar @ 11:47pm

What if you are allergic to all nuts, beans, seeds also fish and eggs? Thant doesn't leave much choice, does it. I am buying organic milk products. Also local responsible farms are an option. Soy is practically poisonous unless fermented. Oats thave gluten ( majority). Finally, all the alternatives have many unhealthy additives like Vit D2, oils,sugar... Unless you making your own oat and almond milk I wouldn't recommend it.

laurahoy26 | Thu, 23rd Mar @ 2:35pm

Good point Natasha, they often have sweetener in too, so you do need to be a label detective. Coffee is pretty evil stuff too, so I'd just quit and have herbal tea, after the caffeine withdrawal you might find yourself waking up after a nights sleep and not actually being still tired : )

laurahoy26 | Thu, 23rd Mar @ 2:33pm

I wonder if that same cafe have stopped selling all dairy products, considering it's in pretty much everything you normally see in a cafe - cake, pastry, croissant, butter, cheese, in sandwiches, chocolate, pies, quiche, cooking with butter, margarine, etc... all these milk products inside everything. Of course it is a great start, but just saying ; )

veganbodybuilding | Thu, 23rd Mar @ 7:37pm

Yes, check out the follow-up story (linked at the bottom of this article), they've now gone completely vegan! :)

scardoza78 | Sun, 26th Mar @ 4:30pm

Coconut milk is great also.